Computer Training We provide training to Beginners & Improvers alike.

Our Experts can help you get to grips with all technologies including Smartphones, iPads up to current Programming Languages!

Web Design High Quality Competitive Websites

We offer Websites to suit your needs. We guarantee a 1-1 Consultation to create your ideal online presence!

IT Repair Friendly & reliable service to your front door!

Our Team will deliver thorough troubleshooting for IT problems big and small.

IT Repair & Upgrades

Slow running computer? Sluggish Internet? Connected devices not responding? Found a Program on your computer but no idea how it got there? Viruses taking over your device or worried what malware you have on your Device? Why replace when you can upgrade? Call + 353 (87) 7819970 today!

Web Development

Do you have an IT presence? Do you want to showcase your business? Would you like to be able to sell your Product or Service online but don't know how to get it done? We can get you up on the World Wide Web in a matter of days or weeks and we guarantee you we can't be beaten in Western Europe on price! E-mail our Team today:[email protected] !

Computer Networking

Is your Internet running slow? Does your Wifi not work all over your home or business? Do you want to change your broadband provider? or are you simply clueless when it comes to MAC, ISP's, DNS, SSID and related data? We can make sure you get the most out of your Broadband. We will help you get the best 'bang for your buck' for your Broadband and don't worry most nerds who talk acronyms, don't have the foggiest notion what they're talking about. We speak plain English! Don't believe us E-mail us here:[email protected] we'll prove it!

Computer Training

Are you unsure of the difference between bits & bytes? Do you want help with the European Computer Driving License, a Computer Training Course for work or are you just trying to get a foot on the I.T. ladder? Even if you want help with your final year Thesis in Computer Science, one of our Team can tutor you if you require it! Call + 353 (87) 7819970 today!

Smart Home, Smart Devices, Smart Phones & iPad Repairs, Maintenance Upgrade and Installation

Have you always wanted a Smart Home but don't have the know how to do it? We can help! Have you dropped your iPhone or iPad? Do you need a new screen? Are your buttons not responding? Is your device slow to your command or are you running our of space? We will do our utmost to help and advise you carefully. Contact us at + 353 (87) 7819970 today!

Old-2-New Media Services & Loyalty

We now do VHS->DVD, Film->DVD and much more! Follow the link below to find our! We also do our usual services ie if you need several devices or computers maintained? Are you looking for a website, app(s), and network support? Are you a small/medium sized business looking to grow your I.T. department and want a reliable and cost effective Computing Team behind you? or do you believe loyalty in Computing should earn a discount? E-mail us: [email protected] we're your kind of Company!

GarveyITsolutions 2015 Image 10Welcome to Garvey-IT-solutions!

What GarveyITsolutions can do for you through our Computing Systems?


When this business was first envisioned, the goal was to bring the IT skills of our Team of Technology Experts to bear on small and medium sized businesses, laymen and the public at large. Now that we are pressing ahead with that goal, we hope we can help a broad range of people from the individual with a virus on their computer to the medium sized Business with a litany of IT and/or Computing needs. We have one thing to say to both, you have come to the right place!

  • Dedication to the job at hand at all times.
  • Qualified and experienced at fixing your issue
  • Skilled Web Developers with the requisite knowledge
  • Sympathetic IT Consultants to tutor you every step of the way