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First & Foremost Happy Mother’s Day! Where we would we be if our Mothers’ were not there for us through the years, eh? From changing nappies to picking us up from Football practice to waking us up for our first Job Interview, our Mum’s simply are, were and will be irreplaceable. As a lifelong Football…
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Getting your iPhone/iPad back working for little or nothing! – After ‘buggy’ iOS update.

Updated to iOS 12.1.1 the other day – iPhone 6.Suddenly Sim Card not being read.Gave the vicious culprit a wide berth.Went to the Phone Supplier – given new Sim.It didn’t work.Told Sim card reader was “damaged”.Went to two Computer Business.Told €90 would resolve the issue!Turned out to be a “bug” into iOS 12.1.1Simple update to…
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Have you ever been hacked?

Have you been hacked in the last few years, are you concerned about Cyber Security issues for you or your Business or do you want to simply find out why you are getting so many spam emails? Chatting to a colleague recently in the Security Business said to me that trying to prevent Cyber Crime…
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