Brand New Old Media to New Media Service – Remastering


We now offer VHS to DVD/MP4 USB Stick remastering for the unbelievable price of €15 euro!

Vinyl & Cassette to CD

Don't have old VHS Tapes lying around at the moment but have several old Vinyl LP's lying around that you wish to have converted to CD/MP3 USB Stick? We will transfer your LP's to modern formats, CD/USB*/DVD/DIgital Format for the incredible price of €10 per album or €5 per song respectively!


Maybe we Still haven't caught your eye? Have a Cassette tape that has recordings that haven't been heard in a generation?? Maybe you have a Cassette of an old relative who has passed? Say you want to show the the little ones what Great Aunty Mary sounded like or used to say when you dropped by for Rice Crispies and Milk and the tape is almost unaudible? No worries We do these too - please e-mail: [email protected] or call +353 1 4908580
or + 353 (87) 7819970 for inquiries


If we STILL have just not it for you, we also are offering a "Pro 2K" 40 cent per image 8MM; Super 8MM; 16MM & 35MM film to DVD/USB Stick* with a minimum of 25 images Service of Photo Remastering as of today! Now if that doesn't impress you, don't forget - our loyal customers get a discount after just 3 separate purchases so call today!!

*Post Script

Please bear in mind, although we try to keep prices as low as possible. We reserve the right to increase prices especiallyon difficult cases and where the supply of our own USB Sticks are requested by you the Customer. Please do not feel we will 'extort' money. This is not the case. It simply a matter that we have to pay bills ourselves and make a fair margin on our work.

Post Post Script

If you are pleased with our work, please "Like" us on Facebook, write a 'fair' review on Google or e-mail us a Testimonial which we will appreciate and put up on our Website's Testimonial Page!

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  1. Eoin from Garvey IT Solutions provided a quick and easy service for converting old family VHS video tapes to a digital format. Extra DVDs were given as backup copies and he compressed the files to be a smaller video size while keeping and even improving the quality. I now can store my old family videos anywhere with ease. I recommend Eoin for any old-to-new media tasks, done with no fuss and a quick service.

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