We now offer VHS to DVD/MP4 USB Stick remastering for the unbelievable price of €15 euro! Don't have old VHS Tapes lying around at the moment but have several old Vinyl LP's lying around that you wish to have converted to CD/MP3 USB Stick? We will transfer your LP's to modern formats for the incredible price of €10 per album or €5 per song respectively!

Maybe we Still haven't caught your eye? Have a Cassette tape that has recordings that haven't been heard in a generation?? We do these too - please e-mail: [email protected] or call +353 1 4908580
or + 353 (87) 7819970 for inquiries

If we STILL have just not it for you, we also are offering a "Pro 2K" 40 cent per foot 8MM; Super 8MM; 16MM & 35MM film to DVD/USB Stick Service of Photo Remastering as of today! Now if that doesn't impress you, don't forget - our loyal customers get a discount of 20 % off each subsequent order after just 3 separate purchases so call today!!

If we can be of service to you in our premium area of expertise i.e. Computing, feel free to contact us i.e. do you need several devices or computers maintained? Are you looking for a website, app(s), and network support? Are you a small/medium sized business looking to grow your I.T. department and want a reliable and cost effective Computing Team behind you? or do you believe loyalty in Computing should earn a discount? E-mail us: [email protected] we're your kind of Company!