Have you ever been hacked?

Have you been hacked in the last few years, are you concerned about Cyber Security issues for you or your Business or do you want to simply find out why you are getting so many spam emails?

Chatting to a colleague recently in the Security Business said to me that trying to prevent Cyber Crime as much as possible is the best approach that you should take as far as living in the Age of the Internet is concerned. Having taken that on board, there is a fine line between trying to remain secure and making access to your online services so difficult that it borders on paranoia. So what is the best approach to Password Management?
There are two options that seem the most sensible. Firstly, there are a litany of free and paid for Password Managers out there. This link below lists some of the most useful candidates for use at this time:
Top Password Managers 2018
Another less secure but still valid approach & one I have been using against my better judgment, is to take a book off the shelf in your home/office preferably one you have read, open it up on any random page, mark the page & create passwords from any words & numbers that For example, I read the Lord Of the Rings, The Two Towers several years ago and have a copy in my home. There are two words on page 218 that I could use for a password – Gandalf & yield. To make a password, you write: “G@nd@lf218y13ld” & you’re done. This method obeys the vast majority of criteria that Online Security Checkers require to create passwords. Now, this approach has its limitations. For a start, it’s not easy to remember passwords exactly as you make them from a book if they have been changed to meet security criteria, that is to say if you don’t write it down and are looking to access your online accounts or do any online work, it’s not going to be possible.

So which approach is best? There is not an approach that ticks all the boxes. It’s a whichever approach you don’t mind the cons of too much. Personally, I believe the Password Manager approach is the one to go for but then again that has issues if you want to log into Amazon for example from your Apple TV or non qwerty enabled device and remain secure. Why is no one giving an direct answer for this issue online to date? Because there is no black and white answer!
I hope I have been of some help. If you feel like giving feedback, feel free but if you know a better answer to this matter than I have given, please PM me.

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