First & Foremost Happy Mother’s Day!

First & Foremost Happy Mother’s Day!

Where we would we be if our Mothers’ were not there for us through the years, eh? From changing nappies to picking us up from Football practice to waking us up for our first Job Interview, our Mum’s simply are, were and will be irreplaceable.

As a lifelong Football Supporter, however I feel it is very important to stress that ‘I will not be watching’ Liverpool vs Tottenham on Mother’s Day. My Mum will though! Ok, I jest. Mother’s Day is way too important to waste on the Premier League. So whether you’re making cups of Tea for the Gang, pampering Nana with chocolates or just generally being a great son.. I think we’ll agree, the Mothers’ of the world deserve, earn and will get a wonderful 31st of March 2019.

Lá na Máithreacha sona daoibh!

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