Welcome to GarveyITsolutions!

Hi! & Welcome to GarveyITsolutions! Here you will be able to see and read all new things about our Company. GarveyITsolutions is the brain-child of Eoin Garvey & Sinéad Fleming, it's Directors. It's aim is to do four main things. 1). We aim to enable the many businesses in Ireland and hopefully abroad who don't have an online presence to have one and maybe to allow them to sell online if they so choose. We aim to educate those interested in IT to a standard that they can progress further themselves, that is to say 'teaching them to fish as opposed to giving them a fish'.We aim to fix, improve, install, develop, maintain, Smart Devices, be they smart phones or iPads, Laptops or Desktops but only if the issue is not possibly 'fixable' over the phone. Finally to leave Dublin, Ireland, Europe & the World in a better condition than how we came across it in the first place & not in a way where the Economic Cost/Benefit is negative.

Why us?

I hear you asking why us and why not that guy in the local shopping Centre? Well, does he have over ten years academic and professional Experience? Does he/she offer value for money and competitive rates guaranteed? Will he call out to your home or business place out of hours to fix each and every problem both small and large alike? Is he giving you top of the range quality at highly competitive prices in a huge range of areas and aspects of the IT Industry and can he back up his/her product with Industry wide acknowledgement that the product sold is the best possible - visible online and by asking any reputable IT expert?

You know why, so where to go from here?

Firstly in 2017, we are building an Office at our Premises so feel free to drop by. Otherwise we are available at 0877819970;014908580;[email protected] or at: www.garveyitsolutions.ie - drop us a line!

Post Script

You will also find Promotions, Competitions, Events, Seminars & both free & paid for Training Sessions here also but let's leave that for another day :p

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