Getting your iPhone/iPad back working for little or nothing! – After ‘buggy’ iOS update.

Updated to iOS 12.1.1 the other day – iPhone 6.Suddenly Sim Card not being read.
Gave the vicious culprit a wide berth.
Went to the Phone Supplier – given new Sim.
It didn’t work.
Told Sim card reader was “damaged”.
Went to two Computer Business.
Told €90 would resolve the issue!
Turned out to be a “bug” into iOS 12.1.1
Simple update to the newest patch solved the matter.
Cost me €0.
Beware of iOS updates.
Maybe wait a week or two before updating.
See how family & friends are getting on with the update.
– especially if you have an older phone.
Google “phone make”, “phone model”, “the issue”, the word “troubleshooting”.

All the quick fixed are online only.
If that doesn’t help, get in touch & we'll be happy to help! – for less than 50% of what I was quoted today.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0877819970

POST SCRIPT: The process of sorting & isolating the matter can take a while. On this occasion, 2-4 hours. Bearing this in mind, sometimes 24 hours with your device may be required.

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