What is a Smart Home? Can it be used in Ireland in 2017? & does it make Economic Sense? – Smart Heating

What is Smart Heating? Can it be used in Ireland in 2017? & does it make Economic Sense?

A smart home effectively means using Devices such as Smart Plugs, Smart Sockets, Smart TV’s, Smart Heating Systems, Smart Thermostats, Smart Alarm Systems, Smart Heating, Smart Child Care/Monitoring and much more!
So what does we, Garvey-IT-solutions think of all that?
To answer those questions, we’re going to rely on our own experiences of all things Smart!

• Firstly, I would highly recommend smart heating e.g. Nest, Hive & Climote – I know of a SME in Dublin that doesn’t have either of the above. They are literally freezing till the heating kicks in, an hour or possibly two after the Customers come through the doors. As a result and ‘for sure to be sure’ they leave the heating on till it feels like a Sauna! Compare that to our cosy cost-effective business (or home for that matter) down the road. There, the heating comes on at 7:45am for 2 hours using Climote’s handy 24 hour three times a day heating on/off feature(s). The heating turns off at 10:15am & can be topped up for an hour using the nifty ‘boost’ option on those really Cold mornings.


Conveniently lunch is at 1pm so the second set for turning on the Heating is at 1:15 pm till 3:00pm and that’s it for the Business day. Business two uses a staggering 30%-40% less heat on a winter’s Day (like today) & saves enough to pay for a Climote, Hive, or Nest in less than 5 years!

• Now if this was a home, there would be a distinct possibility that no one was home until the kids got home from school, so say like us that was 1pm. No problem, heating from 12:30pm till 2:30pm, 5:30pm till 7:30pm to encourage that ‘warm’ feeling before they enter the land of nod & of course 5:00am till 7:00am to encourage them out of bed warm with a warm hand!

• To summarize: I would highly recommend Climote, Hive& Nest Smart Heating Devices and it has been estimated by the experts that on average Climote, anyway saves 30%-40% on average on Gas bills per year saving hundreds of €€€! If I am completely honest, we don’t have a Nest Thermostat yet but Climotes can be bought on a plan from Gas Suppliers and we received a first gen one from our former Gas Supplier.
• Don't believe me? Check out a review from the excellent Price Comparison Website Bonkers.ie:
Climote Review from Bonkers.ie

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